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Agora Serve FZE specialized in the distribution of high value services. Head Office is located in Creative City – Media Free Zoon Fujairah - Creative Tower, launched in the year 2017 with an ambitious vision and focus on specialist serves through the association with specialist companies worldwide.

Agora Serve FZE had a very specific mission to deliver to the market. It was all about supplying high value serves that carry both quality and history. The brands we promote represent the best suppliers of the industry, each in its business.


Agora Serve FZE is an approved and registered Company from Government of Fujairah, Creative City – Media Free Zone, License number: 10912/2017.

Services :

  1. Design Services

  2. Event Management.

  3. Travel & Tourism Consultancy.

  4. E-commerce.

Vision :

A Special Purpose Vehicle to Apply Modern Science for a Better Tomorrow.

Mission :

Invest in Design Services, Event Management, E-commerce, and Travel & Tourism while applying latest technologies and creative marketing and outreach geographical boundaries.